Friday, 17 April 2015

ILL under Fire

Just a quick blog late on a Friday. Having worked in ILL for about fifteen years nows I thought I had seen everything when it came to working under unusual circumstance, but just before Easter I had another first. 

On the Wednesday before Easter there was an underground fire in Holborn Central London (Just google Holborn fire for some pretty dramatic pictures).  The library I work in was very close to the fire so it made for an interesting day.  The fire began at about 12.30 but there was not an evacuation of surrounding buildings until mid -afternoon.  Luckily nobody was hurt and damage to any buildings in the area was minimal.  As there were building works going on outside the office I had not noticed the smoke in the air.  Once the power was switched off for safety I had to stop working, but I hope you'll agree that it was quite impressive that all the ILLs waiting to be processed were done before the building was evacuated.   Luckily the post had been delivered quite early so I had time to get this done before a late lunch break.   As the library was due to close that evening anyway my Easter holiday started a bit early.  I had a very smoky journey once I got outside.  Thank goodness for the British Library as I popped in for a much needed cuppa on the way home.

So apologies to anyone who has received their loans back late and slightly smoky! 

Have a great weekend and here's hoping for a smoke free rest of the year.



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