Tuesday, 4 June 2013

FIL Interlend 2013 Conference - I'm here now what do I do?

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In order to get the most out of the conference I am of the opinion that the best thing to do, beyond attending the presentations, is talk to people.  Having attended FIL Interlend 2012 I must say that the most rewarding thing for me was hearing interlending colleagues' perspectives, how their interlending service is set up, things they think work well for them and anything they might be trying to improve.  I really enjoyed the presentations I attended in 2012 but I found the opportunity to talk and reflect with colleagues especially valuable.

Another thing, if you like tweeting, is to tweet your thoughts using the #FILCardiff13 hashtag.  The more tweets we have the better in my opinion.  In my experience of the interlending world everyone has a unique perspective and a non-issue with airing their opinion.  So for those who tweet. this is a really great way to engage with others at the conference.  Contentious tweets, retweets, general thoughts or quoting an interesting point from a presentation are all equally welcome.

Another thing is reflecting on what we can take back with us to our workplace.  Ultimately this the main purpose of attending a conference like this.  Almost everyone coming to FIL 2013 will know what it's like to be involved in an interlending service.  After attending FIL Interlend 2012 I left full of ideas of what I could implement or develop and some of those ideas had a lasting, positive impact on the service where I work.  Allowing the knowledge you come back with to inform your practice makes the whole thing worthwhile and satisfying.

Mark Kluzek
FIL Committee Member
King's College London

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  1. I totally agree. I had been doing ILL without much experience of the process but with lots of Library experience. Going last year meant that I connected with others that were more experienced and learned so much! I came back to work energized and ready to make changes for the better. I look forward to doing the same this year! Dawn Downes University of Winchester