Thursday, 13 June 2013

Vroom... Vroom... 2 Days out in Cardiff...

Vroom... Vroom ... 2 days out in Cardiff …
Well it’s not long to wait until Interlend 2013 …. It’s only around 20 days now until ‘show time’ to misquote from “Beetlejuice” (available in all good DVD and charity shops).  
I hope you are as excited as we are..? We have a few treats in your goodie bags this year, as well as a wine reception, a slap up conference dinner and a library visit.
Other goodies..? Apparently Cardiff has a very vibrant night life, as well as excellent shops, lots of cultural highlights and I think it is famous for some sporting activity … Some of the committee members might be able to tell you more if you ask them..
Did I hear you ask if there are any more goodies ….?  Well … this year the FIL committee have secured an excellent range of speakers. They reflect the variety of roles we inter library loaners have, the range of skills required and incorporate all the different places we work in. We are aiming to give you something to think about. Maybe something to inspire you when you get back to where you work? If we have succeeded, you could always share that with us later…
In order to get the most out of the event, perhaps we should take some time to consider what it is we want to get out of the conference. Is it meeting like minded people, is it something practical, is it service improvement ideas, is it a better understanding of copyright or even just a trip to Cardiff?
Having a more strategic approach to learning and taking responsibility for our CPD can be of enormous benefit to us as librarians. So how can I do that then … Well how about preparing a list of questions you want answers to before the event? Or swotting up on the biogs of speakers? Or checking out the delegates list for professional contacts, or setting yourself a few goals e.g. to meet 2 new people and ask 1 question. As we are now generally required to justify why we want to attend training events and what we have learnt, maybe one action from the conference is that our experiences are shared more widely on the new FIL blog..?
What do you think.. Beetlejuice may have been scary but we aren’t, so give it a go … your starter for 10 ‘what did I learn from my trip to Cardiff…?’
Jennie Cooke
FIL Committee Member

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