Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Marketing our Service...... Cardiff Met style!

Marketing our Service..................Cardiff Met style!

I'm always looking to market the service in a more streamlined & professional manner, at the recent FIL Conference I was able to see the excellent products that REP Industries offer to the Inter Library Loans Community - and was particularly taken with the book straps.

On return to work, I made a case to my manager and was able to secure funding for a batch of the book straps. We had recently gone through a name & logo change so I consulted with my colleagues in our Creative Services department who provided REP Industries with the correct image for our strap, the result is below:

I have to say, I'm really impressed with the quality of the product and the service we received from REP Industries.

FIL related news now, we had our first 'newly formed' committee meeting back in October in Birmingham, with planning for Interlend14 high on the agenda. I'll say no more as Su Fagg is heading up the conference team and she can update you on all things Edinburgh when we have more news to share.

We're also planning some changes to the FIL Newsletter - but I'll let Tracey the Newsletter Editor fill you in on those.

FIL @ BL St Pancras is just over a week away, unfortunately I'm unable to attend as it's Mr L's big 40 birthday! What better way to celebrate than to go here :-)
However I digress, those attending the afternoon event may catch a glimpse of a new & quirky initiative that FIL is going to be working on over the next few months, I can't say more than that at the moment but for those attending FIL @ BL St Pancras I'd be interested to know your thoughts! I hope you all enjoy the day!

Enough from me, time to find my Minnie Mouse ears!

FIL Chair

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