Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Jings, Crivens and Help ma Boab - Interlend 2014 is fast approaching!

Well we are at that time of the year again, the Daffodils are in bloom, there will soon be a few extra hours of daylight to enjoy and booking for the only annual conference dedicated to inter-library loan and document delivery is open!

Spring is springing, and so are the FIL committee!

As part of my role on the FIL committee, I am once again taking the bookings for Interlend, to be held this year at the Carlton Hotel in Edinburgh. This mainly involves setting up the Google form, monitoring new bookings as they arrive, and answering questions from all you lovely interlenders who are planning on attending.

Lots of hard work has already gone into planning the 2014 conference and the FIL committee are hoping for a very useful and enjoyable couple of days for all our attendees. I've blogged previously about FIL events and the great things you can learn by chatting to your interlending colleagues over a cuppa but I have to say, for me, the value of this is closely followed by the value of being a member of the FIL committee. Helping to plan FIL events is rewarding, but also is a great opportunity to learn new stuff, make new contacts and flex those project managing muscles.

If you think you've got some good ideas for future events, want to get experience in planning events or just want an opportunity to help the magic of FIL happen, Interlend 14 is a great time to get involved as this is the time we hold our AGM and elect new members to the committee. If you're interested, check out our website or contact one of us

For now, I'm going back to my bookings. Ahh the joys of Spring (and spreadsheets...)

Natalie Guest
FIL membership secretary

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