Friday, 19 June 2015

Ready for Interlend 2015

Ready for Interlend 2015?

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I hope you are enjoying the start of the summer.  Like many of you I am busy getting ready for Interlend 2015.  This will be my first Interlend conference.  I have been a keen visitor to the FIL British Library days over the years, but never made it to the big conference before.  I look forward to saying hello to you if you making the trip to Manchester.

I have also taken plunge in becoming a member of the FIL Executive Committee this year.  It has been a great experience.  The opportunity to network with ILL colleagues has been valuable.  The commitment in terms of time is not huge.  Three days to attend committee meetings in Birmingham and two telecoms has not been difficult to fit in.  I have definitely gained in confidence and improved my networking skills.

I have learned how to blog and used the experience in successfully revalidating my CILIP chartership.  I used my new improved networking skills to persuade a colleague to allow me to shadow them on some research training which should be a helpful addition to my CV and was also part of my revalidation submission.

As part of the conference sub-committee I have learned about organising a conference, from choosing a venue, persuading companies to sponsor the conference and arranging speakers.  I have used this experience on a smaller scale in my day job arranging training for colleagues on interlending work.

These are just two examples of how my work on the FIL Executive Committee has benefitted my day job.  (It has also come in handy for other things as I used my blogging experience to impress my young nephews when I had to look after them earlier this year and my networking skills to help me get a place on a course at the University of London.)

I hope this has convinced you to think about joining the committee. 

See you in Manchester (and maybe at the next FIL Executive Committee meeting in October!)


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