Friday, 23 August 2013

Annual stats

It's that time of year again, when we start gathering the statistics to see how Inter Library Requests have performed over the last academic year. And my first quick look seems to indicate that the numbers have dropped significantly this year compared with last. With better e-resources and more use of Open Access sources, I suppose this is to be expected. However, whilst overall figures are down, the number of renewals has increased. This makes me question just how the service is being used; is it just an extension of our library service, or something more?
We also introduced on-line request forms this year, and the number of requests coming to us this way is a healthy proportion of the total.  Staff and researchers seem to appreciate the ease of the system and we can now truly say we have a desktop-to-desktop delivery service.
I'd be very interested to know how other HEI services are 'shaping up'. And, of course, this could all feed into the Benchmarking exercise already mentioned on the blog, with overall trends being discussed at Interlend 2014; with your help, that is!

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